Hey. I’m Rachel. This is us, our family. It’s chaos in the best way.

I’m just here to talk a little bit about everything with all of you. You’ll find things here about homesteading and what we’re doing as we begin the homesteading process. You’ll also find watercolor tips and ideas here, as well as watercolor art prints for sale on the blog coming soon.

Homesteading: What is Homesteading?

I never considered myself a homesteader before. In fact, it sounds like I’m in the back woods of Tennessee whenever I say that word, Homesteader. It’s impossible to say the word without a southern twang, and if you do manage to, well, I can’t imagine how awkward it would feel. All of this is slightly ironic because we live in the northern state of Michigan. Either way, one day we hope to have cows, a great big vegetable garden but with a ton of fruits like strawberries and blueberries. And maybe, if I can talk my husband into it, a dairy cow, too. But for now, we are clearing land for our future garden and hoping to purchase some meat cows this year. And while we wait, we are busy building a chicken coop for the 17 chickens we bought earlier this year.

Also, do you know what homesteading is? I actually had to google the word and found out that it’s basically trying to be more self sufficient. So there you go. This is us trying to be more self-sufficient.

Watercolor Art

Something else you’ll find here in our little corner of the internet is stuff about art. Watercolor art and decorating cakes is something I love doing. I love making things. Some day soon I hope to have art prints for sale on the blog. But I’d love to chat about watercolor paintings, maybe give you some short watercolor classes about how to watercolor specific subjects like landscapes and flowers.

Someday I’d love to design a watercolor tattoo. I know, that’s random. But just be aware, I’d never get a tattoo. I’m a walking contradiction, I know. But the designer in me would love to paint one. Call me quirky, I’m fine with it. We all have a tinge of weird inside of us.

But more on a serious note, I love watercolor because God allowed me to be able to paint when I went though an extremely difficult season. It’s all heavy and sad. But long story short, I became very ill. I’m still getting better, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be one hundred percent healthy. Chronic illness is hard. But God gave me the gift of watercolor when I couldn’t do anything else. And I’m just super happy about that.

So yeah, this is us in our simple little country life, not really knowing everything, but hoping to chat with all of you along the way. Thanks for coming along with us.