Beaded Leather Journal


This journal is handmade with soft cow leather.  The camel color leather compliments the wooden beads woven onto the spine.   There are 110 pages filled with two different types of watercolor color paper.  This journal can be used for small watercolor projects, recipe testing notes, or daily writing. Only one in stock.



Beaded Leather Journal

Journals remind me of fresh starts and new beginnings. Ok. That’s a bit redundant. But who doesn’t like a new beginning? A clean slate? The possibilities are endless; the ideas for what the pages could hold are limitless. A journal represents new opportunities, new goals, NEWNESS. I get excited whenever I get a new journal because my mind dreams up big, beautiful-sometimes ugly (yes, ugly)-things.

This handmade beaded leather journal is for the one who loves NEWNESS like me.  You could fill it up with your new recipe ideas, chicken scratch your dreams, write down your memories.  This journal is an opportunity for you to make your thoughts an heirloom.  Pass it down to your kids, tell them the stories and the wonder.  Tell them all about NEWNESS and why new beginnings matter.  You can’t start life over again…but you can start a journal again and again.

For this handmade leather journal, there are no lines.  No rules. Feel free to write down your thoughts with abandon. Since watercolor paper is used for its pages, you also have the option to paint.  Whether you write words or paint pictures, it’s your choice.  But hurry!  This is a one of a kind.


Additional information

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 4.75 × 3.25 in
Handmade Beaded Leather Journal

Soft finished cow leather (0.8-1 MM thickness) in camel color, Turquoise, brown, and cream wooden beads, Canson Aquerelle Watercolor Paper 140lb, Cold Press, Arches Watercolor Paper, 140 lb, Hot Press. 


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