Our Educational Feast

Charlotte Mason said,

“Give them an abundant feast of learning.”

and she also said,

All we need to do is place children in a large room spread with an abundant feast of learning.”

Education is a lot like food. It just feeds a different part of you.

This little corner of the internet is where I want my children to share their feast of learning. I want them to see and share the wonder. Their passions, questions, and observations are important. What they say matters. I never want them to forget that.

Whatever they share, there are no rules. They choose the topic. Whatever sparks their interest is the very thing they chase after. When they catch what they are chasing, it’s then that they share it with you.

The goal is not perfection. The goal is a stirring. Let them recognize the incredible feast and eat. Let them learn not because they have to-but because they want to.

After they’ve taken of the feast, let them be willing and passionate about sharing it. We should not hoard our learning, let’s always use it for God and for good.